Cars for TV Productions & Film Shoots

At Star Car Hire we fully understand the importance of authenticity in storytelling. That's why our diverse inventory of stylish classic cars and contemporary filming vehicles spans decades, ensuring your project receives the perfect vehicular match. Since 2004, our TV & film vehicle rental agency has been working closely with filmmakers, movie directors and TV producers, sourcing the perfect hire vehicles to compliment creative visions all over the UK & Ireland. When it comes to film production hire, we take great pride in sourcing the perfect rental vehicles for your filming needs. We can help dress and transform your film set or filming location with period correct British, European, and American hire cars from every era. Whether it be the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s or present day Star Car Hire host a wide range of unique and interesting movie vehicles to meet your TV & Film rental needs. From convertible classic cars to vintage pickup trucks to modern sportscars and motorbikes we have you covered. Our Impeccable attention to detail, prompt and reliable service, and flexible vehicle rental options make us the preferred choice for tv & film industry professionals.