Vrooms For Grooms!


In the universal rulebook of weddings the Groom has always had to play second fiddle. While the Bride might typically roll up at the church in a giant white limousine, the Groom and Best man normally make do with a lift from a friend or a fury diced taxi. Well, not anymore! Men are now stepping out of the shadows and starting to make their own grand entrances in special cars they have booked for the day. Star Car Hire now gives men and women throughout the UK & Northern Ireland the chance to inject an element of their own personality into the day. Forget tradition, if you want to arrive at the church in real style then check out our incredible range of Gtoom wedding cars today as we have a huge selection of cars that are guaranteed to make your wedding day stand out from the rest.

Our line up of Cool classics and nostaligic TV and Movie car replicas are sure to please any Groom by making childhood dreams come true! Such cars include Fast and Furious Style Dodge Chargers and American Muscle Cars, Gone in 60 Seconds style Mustang GT500s, the General Lee from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ (Every guys childhood dream!), A-Team Vans, Batmobiles and more!

Ladies, if you would like to surprise your man on the biggest day of his life call Star Car Hire today on 028 2858 3500 

Star Car Hire – For something that little bit different!